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Amrutha Shelters Pvt. Ltd is one of realtors in the country’s IT capital, Bangalore, which was started in the year 1999. The headquarters of this real estate builder is located in Bangalore, the Silicon City.

This real estate company is lead by a team of skilled and qualified architects, engineers, civil engineers, marketing executives, and construction related professionals.

Amrutha Shelters builder and developer has two ongoing projects called Amrutha Value and Sarovar that are planned and designed with amenities like Swimming pool, terrace garden, club house, gym, basketball court, landscape garden, and many more facilities and services.

We invite our users to post and share their feedbacks, comments, reviews, and ratings about Amrutha Shelters projects and help the home buyers to in buying the right property.

6 thoughts on “Amrutha Shelters

  1. Aakash

    Amrutha builders are not good. Initially you will find them good while booking flat. But after that you will see the difference.

    1 Quality of work is below average.
    2 Demanded 10k for electricity bill. Was told that people here are doing woodwork and even if you do not do, you will have to pay bill as meter is common

    So be prepared to hear such things once 90 % payment is done

    3 They seems to be least cared once walls are ready. Forget about internals. They will ask you money and go for registration. But once you visit you will find no fittings have been done. Doors have cracked as fake quality.

    These are few examples of experience that i got being owner of Amrutha Value.

    Would not recommend

  2. Rith

    I had already purchased a 3bhk in Amrutha Heights in Borewell Rd, After doing a long research, it took almost a month to book this unit. Construction is already started and price point they are very reasonable than other builders.. And their staff is very efficient and are very well mannered.

    1. Amrutha C

      Amrutha shelters are a bunch of liars. In all apartment’s, they have promised some amenities’. Their promise remains only till some of the apartments are sold. Once they get the money the amenities and their promises change. They will even change the building plan. Like in Amrutha value, the land owner and builder cheated the residents by building a commercial building within the apartment land. The parking is a huge mess, the building doesn’t have occupancy certificate, it doesn’t have A khata, there is no cauvery water connection.
      If one has to talk to builder B. Madhusudan Rao (a perfect cheat – its written on his face), he will manipulate anybody and everybody to get his work done. He can never give answers right. I heard there are issues with his constructions in Amrutha Heights, Amrutha Sarover, Amrutha Value, Amrutha Sparkling Nest. If any of you is not convinced, one should talk to Apartment Associations from these respective buildings.
      He is ever since cheating people and don’t fall for it. I also would like to call upon all the flat owners from all Amrutha Apartments to come together and fight for our hard earned money. Please pass on this message to near and dear, also to apartment buyers.

  3. Varun

    If any one buy any flat in Amrutha, you will come to know what problem you are going to face.. Initially, when you are booking the flat you will be landed in moonland by his words but once you make the payment that will be the lastday he is going to listen your words… my request to all of you is that before going for booking you enquire abt his previous projects. you are going to pay around 45 lakhs to 50 lakhs so sincere request is that pls equire properly and take proper decision….

  4. Jismon Ittachkan

    When i went to Amrutha shelters to book a flat. Their sales manager told that their project is approved by all the major banks. But when i enquired about this i got to know that none of the bank has approved that bank. They are just liers. Don’t invest your hard earned money with that builder.


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