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Real Estate Bill has builders on the edge


The new real estate regulatory bill introduced by the union government has created lot of concern among the realtors. Mainly the two provisions of the bill have been of concern to the builders which they feel could create financial issues and project delays. But the legal experts opine that there is nothing to worry. The two major concerns of the ... Read More »

Within three months 15 smart City projects are scheduled to commence

Within three months 15 smart City projects are scheduled to commence

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will resume 15 projects under the Smart City programme in the coming three months. This was announced by the PMC commissioner Mr. Kunal Kumar at the press conference. The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) constituted for the purpose on the 18th of April decided to start the primary work relating to the projects. A public consultation process ... Read More »

Increased number of Start-ups boosts the real estate sector

boosts the real estate sector

The start-up spree of the Indians with the Prime Minister’s pet programmes like “Make in India”, “Digital India”, etc. has boosted not only the economy but has also put a spurt to few other sectors. The real estate will be impacted in any way whatsoever as that is the basic need and requirement. The mathematics say that for every 100 ... Read More »

Weekend Homes are the new trend – How secure is the Investment?

Weekend home

Weekend homes are not the monopoly of the rich and the wealthy anymore. They have become a very commonplace practice even among the middle class nowadays. The data points out that there has been a spurt in the demand of the vacation homes among the middle class as well to an increased extent not only in places which are mostly ... Read More »

This festive season -boom time for realty developers


This festive season is a great time of hope for the builders opines the market and the trend watchers. In normal course there is a surge in demand in this time of the year due to different reasons. One of it is the disposable income in the hands of the employees and the service holders of different sectors. But this ... Read More »