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10 Factors that identify Indian Real Estate Trend

10 Factors that identify Indian Real Estate Trend

The Indian real estate sector is witnessing one of the most interesting times ever recorded in the of the Indian Real Estate Intelligence Service has ascertained and pitched the top 10 trends of the Indian Residential segment under the real estate sector.


The demand curve of Delhi -NCR is slowing down, this demand curve is stable in all other cities because of the new lunches in the upcoming residential corridors which are able to grasp the attention of the buyers and investors. While in the past Delhi-NCR has contributed to about one-third of the total new launches, with the marking slowdown of demand its total share of net absorption has resulted in a drop in percentage from 40 to 36 by the first quarter of 2014.demand-supply


There has been a recurring high and lows in the supply graph of the real estate residential segment with the launches of various projects within this category. Concept homes and affordable housing has given rise to many residential corridors. Various new launched are made keeping the affordability factor in mind. These launches are majorly in the regions of Greater Noida and NH-8(Delhi-NCR), Western Suburbs and Thane (Mumbai), Also the Southern Indian region Whitefield and Hosur Road (Bangalore) and other southern regions of Chennai.

Capital Value  

There has been a massive increase in the capital values across all cities. The new launches made at a higher price have resulted in the rise in price of some existing projects. On the pan India basis the prices have recorded a hike les then 2 percent quarter by quarter. This has been the case for the past three quarters. Lower floor prices have been one of the major reasons for cities like Kolkata and Pune under the tier II category to show immense growth. Chennai has the same story.

Expansion and Infrastructure

Builders and developers are looking for newer corridors in almost all locations. Bangalore is one of the best examples of this expansion where areas like Hennar Road are being touched when it comes to expansion. realestate-infrastructureAlso such projects reaching to the undiscovered areas are also low-price projects and also affordable to the buyers. The rising factor of such residential projects launched in the vicinity of such healthy infrastructure has resulted in to various developments. The upcoming projects are well-planned and positioned. The better connectivity to the metros and the newly constructed highways are a plus point rending better infrastructure to the upcoming projects.

Variety full Project Launches  

A number of projects launched these days are based on a concept of three-bedroom-hall-kitchen. Various developers have launched many projects under the studio apartment segment. These projects are low-budgeted and also attract a lot of buyers. The Macroeconomic conditions are also of no effect as the luxury projects and service apartments are coming up and such projects are seeking great attention of the buyers.

Vacancy Rate

The vacancy rate has increased with the increase in apartment units. There has been a massive increase in the cities like Pune Hyderabad and Bangalore. The market is seeing massive expansion.

Sentiments across Channels

The sentiments of the buyers remain weak as the interest rates are increasing and on the other hand the residential price is also seeking hikes. Due this rising increase the investors have become cautious about their investments and they are targeting only selected projects. Long hopes of better real estate condition are clinging with the newly elected government. house-for-rentThe sentiments of the developers are neutral as they await some positive wave in this sector with improvements and flexibility also they are looking forward to a policy change to streamline their process. The low-ticket project launches are still on their target list.

Housing Rentals

Regions like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune are undergoing rental hikes all across the residential sector. The prices and rental structure of the various high end properties in Delhi NCR underwent a correction substantially. Areas of Hyderabad and Kolkata have seen a rental and price stagnation for a longer time.


  1. To know the Indian real estate market situation, this article is very useful. The value of real estate is increasing from the last decade.

  2. This is the most useful blog for the buyers who wants to buy the flats or apartments..from my perspective its a good article which shares the facts and recent trends in the real estate market.

  3. These trends make to think on Real estate is a great investment option. It can generate an ongoing income source. It can also rise in value overtime and prove to be a good investment in the cash value of the home or land that you buy.

  4. Good article sharing the best tip by keeping points in mind we can easily analyse the market of Real estate.

  5. In this post very nice facts are listed about the real estate trends. In the top most cities of India The real estate builder demands are more as they are constructing very expensive apartments. People are facing problems due to huge rent on the rental homes, very less builders are there in India and their aim is to construct affordable apartments so that every middle class people can buy their dream home.

  6. In the top most cities the rents of the homes are very high but not having proper amenities. so the public which are staying in rent houses facing many problems, but in Bangalore the investors are investing the money to the builders to construct the apartments with full of best amenities and good services, so the peoples are living happily in rent homes by paying very less rent amount. This is one of the reasons Bangalore city became famous from other cities.

  7. In Bangalore, the real estate builders are growing too much but few of them are reached on the top most level of the market and also they got the place in human’s heart because of their experience and providing good quality of amenities at affordable and reasonable price and good services to the persons.

  8. I agree with all above mentioned points.. now a days real estate builders are constructing apartments infrastructure looking similarities like international standards with different infrastructure specially in Bangalore .. they are providing all the facilities like mini theater, water harvesting, swimming pool,function hall, saloon shop, hospitals facility and also most important in life.

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  10. Bangalore is well known city in India and also top growing destination, Here the demand of the apartments are more before 2 years at the time property cost is less compare to now, IT jobs are growing companies are establishing so now the property demand is more.

  11. Among all points most important one is expansion and infrastructure because while indian

    real estate gets expanding builders started to provide more amenities and infrastructure

    customers are also tend to choose projects snd vicinity of healthy infrastructure and amenities .

  12. Gangadhar shetty

    Now a days people want to give some new shapes to their life style indeed in current scenario people want to live in precise manner and maintain status of their own in society is being.

  13. Yup from some sources i came to know 40% of the it industry in India active in only in Bangalore because of IT firms .

  14. Its very informative blog, i could like suggest main fact in all 10 facts are sentiments across channels. Indian has been more sentimental compare to any other nations Globally in real estate sector.

  15. Yes i do agree these points mentioned but house rentals and vacancy rates are inversely proportion to each other….

  16. see the vastu has been playing main role in Indian Real estate market, one of the fact is Indians follow the traditions has it has in buying a property. The sentiments place a main role buying property tooo.

  17. Its been years that Indian real estate trends have changed, Now buying a property is not any easy task. I will consider only few trends changed so for. Its been good to know about this real estate facts to buy or invest in Indian Real estate Market.

  18. At present the real estate market has developed lot of growth compare to any other market in India. As off now it best time to invest in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

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