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Tips to remember while buying a house in Bangalore city

Tips to remember while buying a house in Bangalore city

Buying a house of your dreams is a daunting task; it is a huge investment which requires a lot of thinking to be done while making a well informed decision. As scary as it is, it is also very challenging to find the right property developer and the right venture to invest your hard-earned money in.

Especially in Bangalore where the real-estate market is recovering from a slump and showing signs of improvement, not to mention most ventures in the city are priced exuberantly and finding a legitimate agent to facilitate the deal can be very demanding, before you make that big leap, there are a few important things you should consider before buying a house, they are:

  • Know your budget: That is the first thing to do before buying a house of your dreams
  • Ge the best ‘location’
  • Check the prevailing market rates in the area
  • Check loan eligibility
  • Enquire about the registration fee and stamp duty
  • Ensure there are no hidden costs you have to bear for this venture
  • Check connectivity to key areas like your workplace, major transport terminals etc.
  • Make sure you have been promised all the amenities that you are supposed to get in purchasing this development
  • Monitor traffic in peak time
  • Do extensive and a thorough research on the builders and the project
  • Get the right property insurance
  • Check water supply and sewage systems
  • Get legal advice on the development and the developer

Now that you know the do’s let’s look at what not to do before buying a house:

  • Do not change or quit your job before filing or submitting an inquiring for a loan application, because you are more likely to be rejected for home loan approval
  • Don’t change banks, your bank history should show stability
  • Don’t buy big investments like a car that you have to pay loans too
  • Don’t make large cash deposits into your bank account
  • Don’t’ lie on your loan enquiry
  • Don’t co-sign a loan for anyone
  • Don’t buy furniture on credit before buying your house

If you are still confused and lost after going through the do’s and don’ts then check out where they give you an insight into what should a buyer do before buying a house in any part of the Bangalore city, and also it gives a description of the builders their ventures and their credibility.  Follow these few tips with the help of and be rest assured you finding and investing in a house of your dreams in Bangalore city won’t be a hassle.

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