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Bluebell developers based in Silicon city and IT HUB of India with the philosophy of Blending professionalism. They are helping customers across Bengaluru to fulfill their dreams of owning the home. They have completed Blossom Heights project near to Meenakshi Mall, few are under construction projects and prelaunch projects . Share your reviews, feedbacks and complaints here.

8 thoughts on “Bluebell Developers

  1. Surya

    Guys I have been cheated by this company for booking amount and planning to go too court but they have closed office at jayanagar – any other office anyone knows please let me know

  2. sampreeth

    Blue bell and Nishithas are same management. Blue bell office is closed now. They run two companies with same management. Both the developers are cheaters. they will accept booking money and will not be returning for years to gether.

    when ever we approach, simply telling stories.

    Dont belive these peoples.

  3. Puneeth

    Is bluebell Developers and Nishitas properties are same? Many people are saying both are cheating customers and both are handled by a same person…! Any one of you let me clarify this…!

  4. Sukumar

    Fraud people running this company. They are giving all false commitments and they will not bother about anything. Freely they can cheat.

    1. Diwakar

      Do you know they have another realty organization called Nishitas properties, they are also the same wrong commitment and litigation projects. finally customer will get struggle.

  5. Deeraj

    Nishitas and Bluebell developers are the same companies with different names. When I was booked a flat in Nishitas properties and they were not keep up their commitment and hesitated with their wrong commitments and I cancelled my booking and later after some couple of months I went to Bluebell developers and I saw the same employees who were worked in Nishitas and I immediately came out from the office. So be aware on these both builders.

    1. Roopesh

      BlueBell developers are not a trustworthy, they are not service minded, they are money minded people. They use to enjoy your money so be very careful about this builder.

  6. Mahipal

    They are not giving a single flat to their customers. They are playing with customer patience and also with their money. Bluebell properties are dangerous properties in Bangalore.


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