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Expat Properties was started in the year of 1947 who started their operation in real estate industry with the acquisition of 1500 acres of properties on the outskirts of Pune where they developed their first project called The Solitude.

Today, they have acquired over 8,000 acres of land in and around major cities of the country like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and other key cities.

Projects of Expat Properties

This real estate builder and developer also have some completed and many current plots and bungalow plots in several cities. Some of the current projects to name are Crest, Golden Meadows II, The Gardens, and many others, while Lavasa in Pune, Solitude Greens in Panvel, and The Dove in Tuticorin are the sold out projects.

Their diverse operation spans in many services that include rentals, lease, property sales, land trade, and property management.

We invite all our users to leave their opinions, reviews, and ratings about Expat Properties and their services and help property seekers and buyers to reach the right builder and property.

24 thoughts on “Expat Properties

  1. Anee

    I have invested n Expat Harmony but till date I haven’t got the registration done . I was promised for the registration after 6 months and its been three years it still pending. Even if its pending its ok, but somebody needs to communicate with me regularly and probably give me a discount on their other projects or give me the interest I could have earned on this amount which I invested. ALl my requests were rejected.. While taking cheque from me, they never gave me enough time to pay the amount in full and they used to communicate everyday asking for money. But not I don’t even get proper response from them. If I would have put my money in FD, I would have earned interest. I haven’t seen any of their completed project. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND “EXPAT” projects to anyone. If you are really interested in them, then get in writing from them for the completion of project and if not they should pay interest in your total amount.. PLease stay away from EXPAT projects — Look somewhere else — you will pay little more but your investment will be safe. EXPAT are lower in price but there is NO GUARANTEE. I have heard from thousands of customers , that Expat is very poor in communication, delivery and probably quality as well. Customer Representative Mrs Chaya —- will talk sweet only until she gets money, the moment the money is done, they are back at their usual games of delaying the project

  2. Ani

    I have also invested on one of the Expat Project “Harmony” in Goa and I paid in full and I was promised that they will get my registration done in 6 months but it has been 3 years and every 6 months when I ask they are postponing it giving reasons that due to some technicalities it cannot be registered now. TI could have earned interest if I would have kept in a FD, but expat is not even giving me assurance of the completion date– And there is no option left for me, other than to wait — EXPAT is full of FALSE promise. I am really not sure if they even have any complete PROJECT. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND”. Please look somewhere else but NOT EXPAT. Initially I really liked them because I was a buyer and they were trying to lure me. They didn’t even give me enough time to pay my balance and they would call each day asking for the remaining payment. BUT now, when I ask for delivery date, they don’t give proper reasons. They are really bad at delivering projects — Please DO NOT INVEST in EXPAT project. There is NO GUARANTEE




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