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Gruhakalyan is a new brand name that has come up in the affordable housing segment of Bengaluru. The company has quite a few number of flats and apartments to offer through its various projects in Whitefield, Electronic City, Marathahalli, Begur Road, J P Nagar and K R Puram.  The most striking part among the USPs of the company is its price range in which it sells the flats and apartments. Gruhakalyan claims that the price is at least half the market price in which it sells the apartments. Not only that the company also provides all kinds of amenities like club house, party hall, jogging track and gymnasium as added amenities within that price. Another important feature the company claims is that it strives to make the homes of the dwellers a place of fortune and happiness.

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Thus, the name Gruha kalyan which means ‘home fortune’. This is done by a plethora of professionals and experts and all the houses are Vastu compliant for bringing more success and happiness.

With all these features it is indeed good news for the dwellers of Bengaluru that another prominent player has joined the fray of affordable housing. As the customers of affordable housing are many and all they look for is good quality housing within their budget, the work the company is doing is certainly commendable. There is, of course a need for more transparency with the customers posting their views, reviews, comments, praises, appreciations and concerns on Gruha Kalyan  and such companies on this website. This will not only help to resolve the problems if any and to make the environment more transparent but will make the prospective customers better informed for them to take a more informed decision.

198 thoughts on “Gruha Kalyan

  1. Shankar

    Gruha Kalyan is one of the good real estate company which they are giving the flats at affordable prices.I visited a couple of projects at last I decided to book the flat in Rose at Marathalli.

  2. Jyothi

    I came to know Gruha Kalyan through news paper advertisement that they are giving the flats at low price.Later I visited the company and I booked a flat in Erica at Domulur.They gave me all the documents what i asked.Thank u Gruha Kalyan.

  3. Vishal

    Hi,I booked a one flat in Gruha Kalyan Lotus at White Field.I came to know about these company through one of my friend because he also booked flat in same project.Soon they will start our project and I heard that bhumi pooja has completed.

  4. Srinivas

    Hi,I am Srinivas..I booked a one flat in Gruha kalyan with low price.I came to know Gruha Kalyan through one of my friend.Later I had visited their company and i impressed about their projects.The customer service is good.Thy given all the land documents and approvals of my flat.I am very happy with Gruha Kalyan.


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