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Hexa Builders are a very renowned real estate builders and their focus lies on residential projects and real estate promotion. The company is managed under the chairmanship of Mr. Chandrashakar who is an architect from Bangalore Institute of Technology. The marketing affairs are handles by P. Shiva Priya who is an experienced marketing professional. No matter the Hexa Builders is a new name in the real estate market but they have an excellent understanding of the industry which is visible in and out and also in their works.

The company has many big shot promoters who are an experience in building residential as well as commercial projects in and around Bangalore. Hexa Builders Projects are mainly Primerose, Hexa Sunrise and the Crystal. The companies thus, have completed all these projects and are sold out. They has many other ongoing projects in the areas like Bannerghatta located in south of Bangalore.

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    1. Ajay

      Felt same when their site supervisor and sales staff kept blabbering about documents and approvals when i asked them to show me the original approval documents. It was a wise decision to stay away from their property.


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