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There was an ardent need of housing in Bangalore and that made the company stand where it is today. Kumari Construction Company was incepted in Bangalore and today they have eked out a name in the realty industry. Their assets were customer centricity and exquisite designs which the company boasts of. Not only this the company has been operating on the values like right ethics, punctuality, transparency and always striving to deliver the customers the best. This is what the company describes as the main USP of the company. This has made the construction firm construct great projects in the past and they also have great projects in the most sought after locations of the city, today as well. Another special feature about the company is the attractive prices that it offers which makes the company’s flats affordable as well. All these are the unique selling points that the company describes which can be attributed for its success. Quality constructions and passion in the design and the trade was another feature that led to the phenomenal growth. The company feels that simple designs are the most beautiful ones. That’s the reason all the architecture of the company’s apartments and buildings are simple yet elegant.

The company has undoubtedly many customers and clientele and this makes it more necessary to post your comments, views, experiences, reviews and the experiences of customers. This will not only make the atmosphere more transparent but will also create an openness that will promote growth. This will also help the prospective customers to be more informed and help in easy and quick resolution of issues, if any.

20 thoughts on “Kumari Developers Reviews

  1. Mala

    Can anyone tell me which project you bought the flat. im seeing on of there flat to buy. it will be helpful.

  2. Rakesh Nair

    Buddies can someone give a feedback on Kumari builders. As I have read it on property scam and other reviews websites, it seems to be a ‘fraud’ based on some reviews. Even they quote low price than market value to attract customers. Any specific details about their new project would help. Are they reliable?? Are they trustworthy??

    1. Amarnath

      There is no positive feedback about this builder, their price range is very affordable but there is no guaranty when you will get home. if you have patience to wait for years then you can buy.

      1. Mukundh

        Hi Amarnath there is no use of waiting for years. If it have genuine documents and projects then we can wait. But it seem like litigation so how we can believe.

      2. Gagan

        Hi Amaranath, initially it looks like low price but when you get possession they will demand more money in the name of registration, Amenities, BESCOM charges and maintenance charges etc. There is no affordabelity with this builder.

  3. Purandhar

    Kumari Builders flats are high cost in Bangalore.These company do not provide basic facilities to the customer like amenities.I am suggesting that every body be careful with these builders.

  4. Prasanth

    They are irresponsible and unreliable builders.I am having no words to express my worst experience with Kumari Builders.

  5. Rathnakar

    Dont go to kumari builders, they will cheat you. They are big frau and having all illegal documents.

  6. Pradeep

    Their construction, materials and ever service quality is worst than you think, after the possession of my flat it was some what I felt good quality but after the 3 to 4 years I faced the quality problems like water leakages in Walls and pipes, and sewage problems and many more. I complained about the issues and problems to their management but they didn’t resolve the issues. So if your first preference is quality then Kumari Builders is not for you.

    1. Poornima

      Yes Pradeep you are right, the quality of materials they are using is very cheap. They construction quality also not good. But they are collecting more money.


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