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Maitreya group was formed in the year 1998 and over the time the group has grown into a multi-dimensional company with the most excellent set of people who manage the company really well. The company is involved in a number of verticals like hospitality, media and publishing. The company is focused in developing the best infrastructures all across the major cities of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The company has a thirst for real estate development and they lay immense emphasis on the designing and constructing the best ever real estate.

The entire Maitreya Realtors Group is managed by a set of well trained and skills individuals. The company has crafted some of the best infrastructures across the country with an excellent understanding of space and design.

Maitreya Group excels in crafting both the residential as well as commercial spaces. The company has several projects under the name of Maitreya Realtors and Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

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  1. Vishal

    My friend is staying in Maharashtra; he bought the home from Maitreya construction builder. Whoever visiting to his home they feel to buy same like his home. Maitreya is handling both Residential and commercials spaces. They way of construction style and the working speed attract so many people in Maharashtra so that each and every user take the approvals of constructing the Banks, Hospitals and many more form Maitreya the busiest city its horrible to construct the projects within the mentioned time but Maitreya is doing well and supporting Maharashtra people in every aspects.


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