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NR Greenwoods Started with a modest beginning and now they are a Bengaluru’s leading real estate developing companies which as not only created residential properties but also Commercial, Retail and Hospitality Sectors. Quality , passion , innovation has made the company to grow to great standards

Share your Complaints, Feedback, Reviews on NR Greenwoods on their projects and quality of constructions.

10 thoughts on “NR Greenwoods Construction

  1. Prabhakar

    When these people are going to hand over the NR Royal Park residency project. From the last 6 months they are telling same. It is ready to move, ready to move…, when it will happens We dont know.

    1. Kishor

      They don’t give a possession because there are many rumours around the Royal Park projects. This project has legal issues with the landlord and also with the Govt. approvals. That’s the reason they are keep on delaying.

    2. Mukesh

      They are lying everytime whenever I call. However, they planned and trapped us to enjoy our money. but we can wait for few more, but then also we can’t believe them, when they will complete the project?

    3. Navin

      It’s not since 6 months, it’s lready a year over, they were telling the same, and still they are saying the same and no progress to complete the project soon.

    4. LALITH

      Don’t worry it will not going to happen, I thing you already know about what’s happening in Bangalore. Many illegally constructed building are demolishing by the Government. Some constructions are stopped due to the litigation. So be aware about this and ask the builder to give possession soon or return your money with interest.

  2. Supraja

    No action only words. They will not implement any thing. Always they will tell stories to divert us. Becareful with NR Greenwood properties.

  3. Bharani

    I am saying frankly that I have ever seen like these builders.They told me that they will give the approval documents and they will not up date about the project also.These builders are cheaters and these company has a bad name among the people.

  4. Praveen

    One of my friends had bought a flat from NR Green Wood Construction and facing many problems from the last two years. Even they are not ready to give his money back. So guys maintain some distance from NR Greenwoods Construction.


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