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Unishire Builders are one of the best known real estate construction companies involved into real estate construction and consultancy. The group was incepted in the year 1987. Unishire was led under the mentorship of Mr. Kriti Mehta. The group has always believed in creating benchmarks in the real estate company and setting it up for their competitors to follow. All the projects by this group are driven by needs and dreams of their clients.

“The name itself is a combination of two words where, Uni means Unique and Shire means Community.”

Unishire Builders Projects

The company aims and thinks beyond the the four walls and mortar as they believe in innovation and perfection. The Unishire Group has many Ongoing projects like Unishire Signature, Premia, Terraza, Esplanade, Atrium and Panamera etc.

Existing consumers and visitors please share the reviews, opinions on Unishire Builders and Developers.

8 thoughts on “Unishire Group

  1. Wellwisher

    To all the genuine buyers, unishire is not trustworthy and i dont know after seeing this kind of reviews how is credai allowing to join them. Credai should have proper guidelines or a kind of ISO certification to allow the builder to join them,Unishire is a 420 company who commitment in dleivering the project, construction quality, customer experience remain on paper but never delivered to end customer.
    Guys be caution on this builder and dont fall in trouble,. Guys how they trap you, they inverst lot of money to marketing people ,so that elevetion of the aprtment, quality of brochure shows high quality,and customers feel wow. Some level of negotiation they do and you accept.You pay the amount and after few days you get allotment letter. They say that municpal elections are nearing so delay of 3 months as approver for project will take some time. You feel genuine reason and further delay of 6 months and so on.Finally they say that its not approved and the dimensions of flat change which will result to change in entire plan and again the approval process starts , this will keep on happening which i experienced. if you are lucky enough project might kick start after booking of 24 months. From there again you have to wait for 3 more years so you pay rent here for 5 years + Pre-emi Interst. This is normal procedure with Unishire. Experience with staff is nightmare. Pls be alert. I would say better to stay in rented house life long rather than buying a property from unishire.

  2. rohan

    Ravi , I completely agree with you. This is cheating company, there are around 108 reviews out of which 90 reviews are negative and guy who has written positive might not be real buyers. If everything was smooth why will someone look over this reviews and waste time in writing reviews.Govt bill which is about to implement will bring this company on roads.
    They are trying to kill the media by such agreements. GUYS who are planning to buy a flat has to rethink about buying property in unishire.
    My experience with unishire was very worst.

  3. ravi

    Unishire is threatening people on posting the public forum.

    “Also, as you may know, when you purchase a Unishire property, you sign an agreement, in which you agree not to defame Unishire on any public portal. ”

    Buyer please check these type thing before booking any property with any builder.

    This reason every one goes and buy property from top builder. I was looking to book with unishire. I think I should drop my idea.

    1. Unishire

      Hi Mr Ravi,
      We are a respected construction company and we always respect our commitments made to the customer. We were merely requesting Mr. Maruti to honor the contract he has signed before booking his home and refrain from defaming Unishire by making unfounded allegations and posting malicious comments about our properties. We have requested the customer to approach Unishire through its official redressal channels for a timely resolution of the problem.

      Thank you,

  4. Maruti

    Hi all, I got the flat in Unishire after a long time, they did so many promises to fulfill all the requirements of every customers of their projects. But they are worst and frauds which I never seen like this type of builder. After entering into my flat I’m watching like small rectangle box’s type rooms. And they constructed kitchen room beside the entrance in all the flats of their project. If customer asking any requirements they will charge more for it.. so that only none of their customer is raising voice. Forcefully I’m writing the review on this builders be careful with them before booking your dream flat.

    1. Unishire

      Hi Maruti, we appreciate you purchasing a flat with Unishire and we are totally committed in assisting our customers in every possible way. We are confident that the apartment plans and the architectural plans were all provided to you as well, before you made this purchase. Also, as you may know, when you purchase a Unishire property, you sign an agreement, in which you agree not to defame Unishire on any public portal. Please respect that contract and contact us directly, by reaching out to our Customer Care Department via email : customercare@unishire.com

  5. Balaraju

    Last month we bought a 2.5 BHK flat in Unishire Signature project with the price 71 Lakhs. Like that price like the flat also. Very spacious flats with a very beautiful interior and no vaasthu complaint. From the car parking area to swimming pool and all the amenities are good. Thank to Unishire by giving such a luxury flat to me. Feeling great as my investment done in a very perfect place.

  6. Seshadri

    We had an apartment in Unishire Enclave Indiranagar. This project is in very peaceful climate. Constructed in such a way that every room gets proper ventilation and the corridors are so wider. Very peaceful climate in that location and very well organized civil structure to this project. As they had much experience in construction, their flats arr also in customer friendly structure with more comfort.


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