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VARS has been in the Indian real estate market for more than 25 years and in its operations in this period, it has carved a name for itself and goodwill to boast of. Vars builders have completed more than 40 projects in their operations in the last twenty five years and have 1000 satisfied customers. The company claims that owing to its immaculate customer care, ethical constructions, utilitarian and aesthetic designs, their relationship with the customers remain long after they hand over the possession of the apartments.

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Apart from construction work the company is into active social work and is into different activities relating to development of youth, helping the speech, sight and hearing impaired people, and in the fields of education too.

VARS builders have built 45 projects in Bengaluru which is both in residential and commercial sector. Few of their ongoing residential projects include VARS Parkwood, VARS Splendid and VARS Krishna Gardens.

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4 thoughts on “Vars Builders

  1. Srinu

    I am an existing customer of Vars builder. When project was going on i came here to visit and to examine the quality of material what they are using. Unfortunately, the quality is not good. I was wasted my money and time by choosing this builder.

  2. Praveen Kumar

    They are inventing new ides to reduce cost of construction and quality to get more profits. They are utilizing decades of experience for this bad purpose.

  3. Srinivasulu Ch

    This is the builder having more experience in real estate market. They are trying to use that experience to reduce quality and escape from good material. Until 5 years before their construction was best in market but now the standard is decreasing.

  4. Abhilash

    Vars builder is more knowledgeable and expert in real estate market and also good in constructing quality of residential Homes, Commercial offices and many others. Vars Splendid is one of the good projects of this builder in which so many standard amenities are going to built and their service is always good which I came to know from their existing home buyers. This builder locates in the top most builders list and they came into market to construct their brands all over Bangalore. Overall I planned to invest my income in Vars Splendid project from which I can get good returns in next three years.


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