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VIP Housing has grown at a never before rate in the realty sector of South India and is one of the fastest growing companies of the times. The reason is its main focus is into the affordable segment of the realty sector and the company states that it is a $120 billion industry. VIP Housing and propertiees currently works in the three cities namely Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and proposes to venture into the other cities of India as well. They have been into all types of construction in the residential segment like villas, apartments, and selling of plots and layouts. The company proudly claims that it has 25000 customers and it has clientele in 14 countries apart from India. The trust of the customers comes from the reliable services the company has provided in the past and is still providing. The company claims that it will go on providing homes and real estate properties to customers and help them in becoming more secure and increase their wealth. One of the company’s USP has been their prices as well along with the design and quality they provide. Altogether VIP Housing builders are a name in the realty sector of South India and they propose to build 1 lakh homes within the year 2022.

The company presently is dealing with projects in Bengaluru and Chennai which are apartment projects, layout plots and township projects. Vijetha Smart City and Sunshine Gardenia Phase II are two of its projects in Bangalore. VIP Housing’s current project in Hyderabad is Starwood’s which is a layout project where the company is into selling plots.

Undoubtedly the company has a plethora of customers in different countries as well apart from India. This requires that there is a free interaction between them and a mode of transparency is being built up which will help the company to grow. Not only that the exchange of views, reviews, anecdotes, customer experiences, complaints, concerns, and issues will help the prospective customers also to know about the status of the builder with a platform for quick resolution of issues if any.

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